Emergent Healthcare Consulting Services

Population Health Management

We partner with health systems, hospitals, and physician groups to deliver customized population health management strategic plans. As patients become more financially responsible for their healthcare, we offer the coordination of customized high impact community engagement plans. Plans consist of effective evidence-based strategies, recommended goals, and activities. Community engagement plans help create an environment for effective and sustainable community collaboration across the care continuum. Additionally, the plans facilitate preventative care, holistic approaches, data collection and leveraged resources to reduce unnecessary readmission/emergency room visits. The data analytics help improve revenue cycle by identifying and addressing risk factors, prevalence rates, incidence rates, social determinants of health, access to care, disparities and health inequities.

Paitent Engagement

Focuses on strategic recommendations to improve current workflow and reduce aging accounts. Educating patients of their financial obligations prior to the first scheduled clinical encounter will increase patient satisfaction and optimize collection rates.  The integration of patient portals combined with cost estimators and flexible payment options are vital to your revenue cycle success. Our vendors can help. We work with a wide range of qualified vendors to help meet your needs. We are your Clinical and Operational Representatives, (COR). We represent you! We make appropriate unbiased vendor recommendations to help you optimize your vendor relationship.

Patient Retention

Would you like to increase retention/loyalty and reduce care leakage? As patients out-of-pocket expenses continue to increase so will their expectations. Thus, a meaningful and sustainable patient relationship is essential to your business. Our strategic insurance benefits consultation and vendor recommendations will help you retain your customers for all their healthcare needs and throughout their

care continuum.

Health Insurance Services

We are licensed and appointed with most major insurance carriers servicing south Florida to better meet your patients' needs. we can help your patients navigate the complex health systems. We are able to present your patients with a number of insurance options to help them keep you as their current provider. we are America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) certified.

Certified to offer  

Medicare Advantage plans (MA, MAPD) Standalone Medicare prescription drug plans (PDP)

Our dedicated vendors will help you maintain profitability amidst the rise of high-deductible health plans, increased competition, and the transition to value-based payment models.


Provide reports of key indicators

Days in A/R Denial percentage Percentage of A/R over 90 days by payers and patients Charge lag self-pay collections rate Net collection rate First pass payment recovery rate Our experienced vendors work with all government and private insurances. They also service all clinical specialties and multidisciplinary facilities. Their cutting-edge approach will relieve you of revenue generating  non-medical business functions, allowing you to concentrate on the clinical aspects of your business.