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The healthcare landscape is extremely unpredictable and it continues to experience many legislative, competitive , social and demographic changes. Our services will help you identify the changes that are most likely to occur and help you plan for the future. Our name "Emergent" means that we are forward-thinking. We use constantly adjustable strategies that emerge from complex processes which facilitate adaptation to changing circumstances. We are staffed by professional public health scientists, healthcare business administrators, and licensed health insurance agents. We are also Lean Six Sigma certified. We listen to our clients needs, assess their  unique situation and partner with them to deliver innovative solutions that best meet their needs.

About Us

Our diverse team consist of professionals with a wide array of knowledge, skills and abilities dedicated to your success and helping you gain and maintain a competitive advantage. We have experience in healthcare administration, business administration, public health, data analysis, health information management, and health insurance. Our team includes licensed health insurance agents  Healthcare MBAs, Masters of Public Health (MPH) professionals, data analyst, and experienced customer service agents .










We are a full-service consulting firm, providing non-clinical services to providers to increase revenues, reduce costs and increase patient satisfaction. Our value chain analysis focuses on the delivery of services with an emphasis on areas where value may be added . Our services include population health management, assessment of current insurance verification process, pre-authorization, charge capture/reconciliation, fee schedules, and patient financial education. The data collected from our assessments will be converted into an actionable results-oriented performance improvement plan tailored to fit your strategic needs.

Our Mission

To empower physicians and health systems to focus on what really matters: saving lives. we are uniquely positioned to relieve health systems of non-medical business functions so that they can concentrate on the clinical aspects of their practice. We focus on improving quality, patient satisfaction, increasing revenue, and reducing cost.